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A Warm welcome to Calicut university student’s union website every student under Calicut University is the member of Students' Union. The union organizes a varied program of activities including arts festivals, film festival, lectures, debates, sports and social events. We are proud to have you as part of our family and hope you will find your experience as a member of our association worthwhile and fulfilling.
Calicut University Union organizes College Union Members' Camp on Oct 31, Nov 1,2
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Top Stories
  • Calicut university union is organizing a Student Film Festival, to create an educational and community-based event that supports student creativity. These skills include event planning, advertising, networking, visual design, public speaking, and other similar skills.

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  • We are organizing vidhyarthini camp for girls. The camp’s focus will be to empower and inspire young females through a series of fun activities and workshops that will also educate them about positive body image, self-esteem, goal-setting, leadership, health & fitness and more.

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  • The main objective on our concern is to inculcate young minds healthy habits of discipline, national and public issues and social needs and awareness. We know that India has the most attractive democracy in the world.

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  • Our job fair provides an opportunity for students to meet with a large number of employers, in one setting, who are specifically seeking students for the purpose of employment. Companies may have entry-level (or higher) career openings, part-time positions and/or paid and volunteer internships.

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